Godzilla – 2014

godzilla posterThe world’s most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

DirectedGareth Edwards

StarsAaron Taylor-JohnsonElizabeth OlsenBryan Cranston

What we think: Big action blockbusters probably don’t get much bigger than this, certainly the budgets don’t. Just ask Gareth Edwards, who in making his second feature (again about monsters) brings to life one of films most iconic.

Edwards as a director landed on peoples radar with his 2010 micro budgeted Monsters which drew on strong character development and their on going relationships in the aftermath of an alien invasion.

In this reboot, which if there was ever a need for a remake this might well have been it, Edwards plumps for well crafted central characters while teasing us with glimpses of prehistoric beings saving the money shots for the big action set pieces.

In an opening credits history lesson which gives us a background into the creation of the gargantuan predator, and the reason for all that nuclear testing, we are fast forwarded to 1999 were the discovery of giant remains sparks fears that something else has been awoken and ready to cause some havoc.

I wasn’t particularly blown away by this one, the first half is exceptional as Cranston’s Joe Brody is encapsulated in a collapsing nuclear power plant disaster and then goes a bit crack pot as he looks to unearth his theory that the government are trying to cover something up.


Once the dust settles on that and the force of nature have revealed themselves in the shape of Godzilla and his foe the M.U.TO.s (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Objects) there is little to do but sit back and watch the carnage unfurl.

With so much going on the character performances are practically dwarfed by the 350 ft beasts going toe to toe, and you really pay little attention to what is going on in the back ground.

Some of the cast add little if anything which is a shame, Ken Watanabe does a lot of starring into space with his jaw dropping onto the floor. His partner in science Sally Hawkins merely attempts to add snippets of useless information and poor Elizabeth Olsen is reduced to a bit part love interest.

Taylor-Johnson looks suitably beefed up and manages to hold his own, taking centre stage to save the world from possible annihilation, as if that hasn’t already been achieved by the Dawrinesque nuclear creation.

There are parts within the film that are ludicrous, and parts that you can stare in amazement at none more so than the finally fight which if anything is certainly worth the admission price.

Visually as you would expect its a stunning film, but its somewhat disjointed throughout. There are enough subtle references to suggest that a sequel is all but assured and that Gareth Edwards will in someway get another crack and wrecking havoc somewhere else.

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