Is this is the scariest Google Street View ever

Google street view has brought back many hilarious and random snap shots, film stars have been spotted, people coming out of strip clubs who shouldn’t, even Where’s Wally (or Waldo if you’re reading this from across the pond).

clown it

But the latest find is surely the most terrifying yet, Pennywise the Clown! Name not sound familiar, well it should do, as it was the forefront of many people’s nightmares since the film IT was released in the early 90s as a two part mini series.

Starring Tim Curry as the horrific clown, he terrorised a group of children and then again when they all grew up. Based on the novel by acclaimed writer Stephen King its a horror cult hit that still delivers the shivers, even today!

Now Pennywise has seemingly popped up again in sinister circumstances on Google street view, appearing down the drain which references one of the films early iconic scenes.


Whether its been photoshopped¬†in, or if someone actually spent time down the drain dressed as a clown remains to be seen, but what we will say is just seeing that image means we won’t be sleeping a lot tonight!

Check out the full scene here…

Source: Empire


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