Non Stop – 2014

non stop largeAn air marshal springs into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages that put his fellow passengers at risk unless the airline transfers $150 million into an off-shore account.



What we think: Liam Neeson has been dining out on the success of Taken for some time now, which isn’t a bad thing given his age and that he’s put his body through the ringer.

It would be a little callus to call Taken a fluke, a film that even Nesson thought would go straight to DVD. Not so, and off the back of that success he was offered action script after action script.

A sequel to Taken later with a third in the pipe he’s back on our big screen as air marshall Bill Marks, a man with a drink problem and a whole host of personal issues (so the perfect person to carry a loaded gun onto a plane).

Marks finds himself as the prime suspect in a deadly game of extortion and hijacking while trying to find a madman whose picking off passengers every twenty minutes until he gets paid a large sum of money.

Directed by , who orchestrated Neeson in the slightly disappointing Unknown, manages to keep the tension tight and at the right times. He doesn’t have much of a choice really to keeping the audience on tender hooks all within the confines of an air craft cabin.


Along for the ride is Julianne Moore’s somewhat nervy frequent flyer who will straight away arouse suspicion from Marks along with all the other passengers on the manifest and cabin crew.

It opens with Marks loading himself up on liquor before boarding the doomed flight, all he while he’s keeping a close blurry eye on the surrounding passengers, building us up to think that everyone on board is going to be a suspect, and they are.

Marks’s communication with the unseen villain is through mobile phones (specially manufactured for air marshal frequency) the messages flash up on screen in a quirky way that keeps us on top of the dialogue.

It’ s an in flight whodunit, a guessing game of clues and links that ultimately hits turbulence during the third act, a real shame as it was holding its own 35,000ft up.

The subsequent motive is a post 9/11 rant, a chance to vent frustration that the government did not do enough to prevent the attack and that they should now pay. It’s a lame attempt at a conclusion, made even more sickening by Neeson’s endearing speech.

The supporting cast don’t offer a hell of a lot, with an off duty NYPD cop, a techno whizz who just happens to be handy with mobile phones, and in a ironic twist a muslim whose portrayed as saving lives.

After boarding and take off it plateaus out, and falls short of delivering as a perfect Hitchcockian styled thriller.

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What did you think of the film, is Nesson still capable of delivering as an action hero, leave a comment and let us know?


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