The 365 day film challenge

In 2013 as the final credits rolled on my first film of the year, Jeff Who Lives at Home, in case you’re wondering. I thought to myself, “I need a new film challenge in 2014″.

Just what that was I had no idea, and then it hit me! How difficult would it be to watch a film a day for a whole year? Giving it more thought it didn’t seem all that problematic and could be achieved with careful planning.

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 14.53.03

Lots and lots of people have attempted this, so I thought I would have ago myself. Of course with a busy life already, work, wife, kids and trying in some way to stay in shape, this challenge was always going to be tough and so it had to be realistic.

So, here are the rules.

1. You have 24 hours in which to watch one film.

2. It must be a film that you’ve not seen before, and can be on TV, DVD, Blu-ray and of course the cinema.

3. In order to be classed as ‘watched’ you must get through the entire run time, falling asleep or discs that don’t play mid way through don’t count.

Of course rules are sometimes made to be broken so if an odd day is missed I’m not going to beat myself up, just attempt to get in 365 films for the year. So I foresee a few double headers, and maybe one or two film marathons coming up.

To keep up with my progress you can check out the 365 day film challenge page here. All films will get a review (as quickly as I can write them) and at the end of 2014 I’ll post up my top 20!

Let the challenge begin! (well it already has really, but this has made it official)






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